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Bristol Hornets Korfball Club is one of the longest running Korfball clubs in Bristol and have won multiple league titles through the years. We are always looking for new or experienced Korfball players to join our teams. We have two teams competing locally in the South West Korfball Association league.

Everyone is welcome no matter your level of experience, we love to introduce the game to new players!


This information has been updated in June 2022, we’re on a summer break until August.

Bristol Hornets Korfball Club training sessions are held at Redland Green School BS6 7EH, and are open to both new and experienced Korfball players. We’re always excited to welcome new players into the club to give the sport a try. Your first month of training sessions are absolutely free!

Beginners Training

With your first month free it allows anyone to give the sport a try, learn the basics in a welcoming environment with dedicated coaches.

Training Times

We’re currently training at Redland Green School.

Wednesdays: 19:15 – 20:45

Redland Green School



If you would like to make an enquiry please use the details in the Contact Us section below.


Korfball is a great social way to keep fit and we’re always looking for new members. After your first month free training sessions the costs are as follows:

Cost: ยฃ22 per month

Included in the monthly membership fee:

Training: Once a week, except July which is the rest month.

Games: During the league season there is usually at least 1 game per weekend per team, with the occasional off week. As we have 2 teams within the club there’s often multiple games a week to watch and play.

Summer Tournaments: As the summer is the Korfball off season, clubs around the country organise outdoor tournaments. The club normally enters at least 2 of these per year.

Bristol Summer League: There are many clubs in the Bristol area, and to keep clubs practicing during the summer an unofficial Bristol friendly league is run. This gives us approximately 5 weeks of playing shortened games, against local teams all within our normal training venue City Academy Bristol.

As well as all of that there are plenty of social occasions to join in with, these will not be included in the monthly membership fee but the activities vary from simple pub trips to more adventurous activities.


There are two teams within Bristol Hornets Korfball Club. Over the years both the 1st and 2nd teams have won multiple league titles, with the 1st team recently completing the season unbeaten.

Following returning to play after Covid, our teams have re-entered the leagues in Division 1 and Division 2.

Bristol Hornets 1 – South West Korfball Association – Division 1
Hornets 1 are currently playing in local league SWKA 1. Their aim is to finish in the top 3 and fight for the top spot.

Bristol Hornets 2 – South West Korfball Association – Division 2
Hornets 2 are currently playing in local league SWKA 2. This 2021/2022 season they will be looking for a mid-table finish whilst continually improving their players.

Korfball in Bristol

Bristol Hornets Korfball Club were one of the first Bristol korfball teams. Originally created as Horfield Korfball Club, the club has expanded gradually over the years to now comprise of 2 teams. The club now trains at Redland Green School.

The amount of korfball being played in Bristol has increased dramatically over the last couple of years. With originally only a handful of Bristol korfball teams, Bristol now has 4 clubs, with over 10 teams between them.

Watch the video below to get a taste of what korfball in Bristol is like. Korfball is a fun, fast and completely mixed sport, with 4 men and 4 women per team. This naturally leads to it being a very sociable sport. It’s ideal to play if you want to keep fit, have a bit of friendly competition and take part in various social activities, the most common of which is a good old fashioned trip to the pub.


If you’re interested to find out more about the club, training or anything else please feel free to contact us using any of the methods below:

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